Whether you need a chauffeur to an event, convention, or meeting engagement, their discreet fleet of vehicles is sure to meet your transportation needs.

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Tipping is a personal expression of gratitude for service that goes above and beyond expectations. While a tip has became customary to be included in the contract price for the limousine service, you should consider additional monetary gratuities for exceptional service. Usually it runs around 15% of the net charges but you should check with your company provider at the time of booking.

Why Should You Tip the Driver?

A limousine driver does much more than navigate a luxury vehicle. He must be knowledgeable about traffic conditions and alternative routes, and he must be able to schedule the drive so that his passengers arrive at their destination at the proper time as well as helping you with your special needs. Limousine chauffeurs often rely on tips in order to raise their income enough to support their families.

Before hand considerations

Those who know they will be requesting special services can slip the limo driver some extra $$ before he even starts driving. Additional requests might include making extra stops, helping with a wheelchair or heavy luggage or having ready that coffee or newspaper you requested for your ride.

Quality of Service

When you have hired someone in the limousine industry, you must adjust your tip according to the quality of service that you receive. In the end is the chauffeurs’ responsibility to present himself professionally, have clean appearance and be dressed appropriately for his job. Most people who hire limousine services  expect more than just a ride from point A to point B. They expect a clean car, inside outside, free of foul odors and presentable driver.

Limousine drivers are dedicated to making sure that their passengers experience a comfortable and enjoyable luxury ride, and they should be rewarded for their efforts.

Inside tip for tipping

Most limo companies do not turn over the full amount of the tip paid in the contract to the drivers. Limo drivers rely heavily on tips given directly to them to pay their bills.

Things to know when you book your towncar transportation.

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Now that you’ve successfully booked your transportation, what do you need to do next? There is one important next step:

1. Ensure your satisfaction.

You should start at the beginning, with the actual booking of the trip/towncar. The booking process should be fast and smooth in order to ensure you are satisfied. There are a few ways you can track your satisfaction.


1. How many times did you need to reach out the company in order to book the trip? Was it done on the first attempt or you kept calling back with questions or changes?

2. How long did each communication take? Were they long, drown-out phone calls or were they quick and efficient? Were you concern about the slow response time that caused the call to be long?

Day of Service

1. Did the towncar match the description that you were given?

2. Did the chauffeur match the description that you were given?

3. Was the chauffeur on location on time, and did he take the passenger to the requested destination by the best route?

4. Did the towncar/chauffeur match your over all appearance?


1. Did you get billed as quoted? if not, was it clear why the bill changed?

2. Were you billed quickly/per the agreed-upon schedule?

3. Was a receipt sent to you, or did you get one at the end of the trip?

4. Did you receive a follow-up or a thank you call for your services?

Every customer comes into a store or calls a business looking to fulfill two specific needs. The first is a logical need pertaining directly to the product. These can include size, color, specifications, ease of use features, price and so on. Regardless of the product the customer is looking to purchase, she/he has specific logical needs that must be made. Read More…

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Located on Highway 99 (also known as the “Sea-to-Sky Highway”) Whistler is about 125 kilometers (78 miles) north of Vancouver, British Columbia. Whistler Village is tucked between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, the famous setting for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2010. If you’ve never seen Whistler, you’re in for a treat. If it’s been too long since your last visit to this remarkable place and you’re keen to go again, consider an incomparable way to travel! Read More…


Vancouver to Seattle limoThere are so many fun, entertaining and magnificently scenic sights to see when visiting the Seattle area. If you are traveling with family members, friends or escaping on a romantic getaway with your special someone, erase the headaches and hassles and enjoy the journey 100% with a classic limousine service. 

Inter-City Comfort and Convenience in One Elegant Limo Service Package

Arrange to have you and your travel companions picked up by a prompt and reliable chauffeur at the location of your choice. If your trip is work-related, you and your colleagues can have a relaxed and casual meeting en route in A-one style and comfort, arriving refreshed and prepared for business.

If you and your fellow travelers each hold a valid Nexus card, do make your limousine service aware of this ahead of time; a reliable company providing cross-border packages will have skilled drivers who are also part of the program, which can speed up the border crossing process considerably.. Read More…


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